Privacy Policy

We take the privacy of our users very seriously.  Read our Cookie policy.

On 25 May 2018, the EU’s  General Data Protection Regulation came into force: in the interest of transparency, we have updated our privacy policy that can be read  here below.

The website “" (from here on referred to as “the Site”) and all the personal information gathered from users of the Site are the exclusive property of F. C. Internazionale Milano Ltd. In this privacy policy document, any reference to “us” or “our” alludes to F. C. Internazionale Milano Ltd.

This document, the "Privacy Policy", (from here on referred to as “the Policy”) explains how we manage the users’ personal information and forms an integral part of the Site’s "Terms and Conditions of Use". The Policy applies only to this site and not to any storage or usage of personal information that might be carried out by third parties via, for example, any other website to which there might be links on our Site.

We are not responsible for the privacy policy of any other site and we encourage users to be aware of that when they leave the Site.

Note: In the event of any inconsistency or discrepancy between the Italian version and any other language versions of this publication, the Italian language version shall prevail.


The user’s use of the Site implies their consent to the storage and usage of their information by us, as set out in the terms of this Policy.

What information do we store?

The user can access the Site’s home-page and surf on the Site without giving up any personal data.
To be able to provide users with certain services, however, we may need to store some, specific personal data, which we will seek from the user as and when necessary. In these instances, we will request explicit consent to handle data given over by the user (for example, on the log-in page).

How do we use the information?

All the users’ personal information will be used and stored by us in accordance with current legislation on "processing of personal data” and according to the terms set out in this Policy.
We can use the personal information of our users to communicate with them, for example: to make them aware of the existence of new activities and functionalities available on, to carry out statistical analyses, in aggregate (and thus anonymous) form for marketing purposes, to track activity on our site, to advertise users’ preferred websites and/or to improve the usage and contents of the Site and for any other goal that we communicate with our users.

We may manage one or more mailing lists to send out news pertaining to the INTER world. These mailing lists are “opt-in”, which means that anyone who wants to be included in them must specifically sign up.
We send emails only to the addresses of those who have specifically signed up. We do not do “Spam”.

If a user wants to remove themselves from a list (partial cancellation), they can do so on the log-in page or send an email to
We do not share, loan out nor sell the users’ email addresses to any third party.
We reserve the right to give over the users’ personal information to whoever takes charge of managing the Site or anyone who acquires part or all of our property - which includes this personal data. In such a case, the user will be kept in the loop and will have the right to delete their data from our database.
We reserve the right to give over the users’ personal information to the law authorities if they request it for an official inquiry, once we are suitably informed of the circumstances surrounding the request.
We also reserve the right to access and give out the users’ personal information in order to comply with the law and obey legitimate requests from the Government, to make sure that our systems are functioning correctly and to protect both our users and ourselves. At the exception only of what is explicitly set out in this Policy, we will not sell nor loan out the users’ data without their explicit consent.


We take every possible precaution to protect the users’ personal information. In addition, we have security protocols to protect our database from un-authorised access, improper use, un-authorised changes, illegal disruptions and accidental deletions.
We allow for access to our database only when absolutely necessary and, even then, that access is subject to strict rules pertaining to what can be done with the information. We may be forced to ask you to prove your identity before giving you access to information, even if it is your own or relates to you in some way.


Our goal is to improve constantly the service that we offer. As such, we may occasionally look to question our users, through the use of surveys.
Participation in surveys is voluntary, and no user is obliged to respond to the questions. If you decide to respond, we will treat the information provided in the same, very secure, way that we treat all personal information provided to us by our users.


Your use of our Site means that we can contact you to invite you to participate in activities, games or competitions. Participation in any activity on the Site is voluntary and users are not in any way forced to respond to our invites. If you decide to participate in an activity, we will treat the information provided in the same, very secure, way that we treat all personal information provided to us by our users.


When you visit one of our Sites, we will send a “cookie” through to your browser. The use of cookies is not, in any way, connected to any personal information collected during your use of the Site. A cookie is a small document that is logged by your computer’s hard-drive for archiving purposes. We use them for a range of reasons: for example, cookies can help keep our (anonymous) statistics about your favoured services or about what clicks you make on our Site up to date. When cookies are used in this way, you are not individually identified and any information stored in this way is used only in aggregate form (i.e: for anonymous statistics).
Some of our commercial partners (such as our sponsors) might use cookies on our Site (in their advertising strips) or on their own websites that might be accessible on our Site, via click-throughs. We do not have access to - nor can we control - their cookies. You are not obliged to accept cookies from us, nor from any other website - you can set your browser not to accept cookies, although some Site functions might thereafter no longer be available to you.

Corrections and edits to personal data

If your personal data changes or you believe that the information on you in our database is incorrect, you can edit it by accessing your profile or by writing an email to

Partial cancellation

We hope that you enjoy our site and services.
You can, however, request thats your data not be used, following the methods summarised below. This action is called “partial cancellation” and can be done by:
- accessing your profile, disabling the boxes pertaining to usage of data that you no longer want used and then pressing save;
- writing an email to, indicating which services you no longer want to use.

Full cancellation

At any given moment, you can request that your personal data be removed totally from our database. This action is called “Full cancellation” and can be done by writing an email to, and following the instructions thereafter given to you.

Updates to the Site and services

As a subscriber to the Site, we might send you messages pertaining to updates to the Site and its services. If you want to remove yourself from the mailing list, you can do so by carrying out a “Full cancellation”.

Communication of changes

If we have to change our “Privacy Policy”, we will communicate that on our home page.


If you have any doubts about the terms of this Policy, you can contact us at our email address email