The full-back has made the switch to the Nerazzurri from Cagliari

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Raoul moves fast. He learnt to do so as a child, when he displayed all of his desire to play football by running faster than anyone else.

The Nerazzurri were in his blood, although destiny would see him encounter other colours first. Indeed, at the age of six, Bellanova became part of the Milan youth setup. He remained there for 13 seasons, often coming up against older opponents than him. This is because his powerful physical frame allowed him to dominate. Up and down the flank he went, all the while being supported by his father, his number one fan.

There are always new opportunities in football, new horizons to explore. When he was 19, Raoul headed to France after joining Ligue 1 side Bordeaux. He didn’t take off there, but there was still a long way to go. Less rewarding experiences can be formative. He was looking to play on a regular basis, and he found this continuity at Serie B team Pescara. There, he made 30 appearances and became a vital player for the Biancazzurri. His performances led to a move to Cagliari, where he enjoyed an excellent season. 31 matches, one goal and some big individual displays from one of the fastest players in Serie A.

Bouncing back from disappointments is one of Raoul’s important traits. He’s done so after the most complicated periods and crushing defeats, such as those he suffered with Italy at the U19 Euros and U20 World Cup. Now, after a relegation with Cagliari, it’s time to take another leap forward. And that leap will take him to the Nerazzurri colours.

Welcome to Inter, Raoul!

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