Inter Campus Italy: a celebratory return


Children being treated at the Centro Maria Letizia Verga in Monza were finally back on the pitch after three years

Monza - Almost three years after the last gathering, the activities of the project Giocare Aiuta a Guarire Meglio (Playing Allows for Better Recovery), which is dedicated to boys and girls being treated at the Centro Maria Letizia Verga, returned.

It was a morning of celebration for 50 youngsters on the pitches of the Suning Youth Development Centre on via Sbarbaro in Milan. It all started with the handing over of shirts, a special moment that symbolised belonging to the Nerazzurri’s social project, which, since 2012, has been working alongside the Centro Maria Letizia Verga to restore the right to play for young onco-hematological patients. Because sport, playing and sharing – as scientifically proven by research carried out by the University of Milano-Bicocca – contribute positively to physical, emotional and social well-being, with this particularly applying to children forced to face real difficulties.

Among those present was Dr. Marco Spinelli, the Centro’s pediatric hematologist and a Nerazzurri supporter. He reaffirmed the therapeutic importance of sport for all children undergoing treatment and highlighted the fact that families who have had to go through difficult times can come together and really benefit from such days.

After the summer holidays, there will be more opportunities to play and have fun!

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