Marotta: "Inzaghi's the right man for a successful club like Inter"


Our CEO Sport addresses the media at the first news conference of the 2021/22 season

MILAN – Inter kicked off the new season with a press conference at San Siro on Wednesday, with new coach Simone Inzaghi and CEO Sport Giuseppe Marotta in attendance.

“We're pleased to be here today to start the new season and to unveil our new coach, Simone Inzaghi – someone you all know well,” Marotta began.

“We're very proud to have Inzaghi because it means Inter will continue to be in good hands. Simone is a young coach but he already has a lot of experience and is one of the most successful Italian coaches around. 

“We're certain he is the right person for the job, especially as he embodies the core values of our club: passion, ability, enthusiasm and a work ethic. He's also the right person considering Inter's long and successful history.

"We're currently in the process of recovering from the pandemic, which has caused a lot of suffering and created huge problems for the global economy. As a result, football too is looking for a sustainable model. We're far removed from the days when owners could just pour money into their clubs and results on the pitch mattered more than the balance sheet.

“Nowadays you need to work differently and we're looking for the perfect model because we want to honour our history of success on the field while at the same time ensuring the club's finances are in order. It's up to the management to put together a team that is as good as possible while remaining within certain criteria. Sadly we're going to be faced with more unpleasant financial situations in football going forward.

“I'd like to mention that our owners have so far invested €700 million to ensure the club's stability, but the global financial situation has changed and football, like other sectors, is paying the price. We have to make the best of a bad situation so that we don't have to ask the club to keep pushing the boat out. 

“In any case, it's not always a case of who spends more wins more. I believe that ability and passion can determine the success of a club like ours. Clearly we've had to make some very difficult decisions, like selling [Achraf] Hakimi, but those decisions will allow us to continue on the right path.

“Another reason for optimism is that hopefully we'll be able to welcome our fans back to the stadium. I would urge the Italian government to open up stadiums again, as they will in the Premier League and La Liga. Fans are a major asset to any football club and dialogue is the best way forward if you want to achieve anything. The Lega and the clubs are working to maintain a constant dialogue with the government. 

“Italy is a country with millions of vaccinated people and bringing fans back to the stadium could also be a great advert to encourage everyone to get vaccinated. 

“It looks like we're heading towards a reopening of stadiums but we don't know if it will be partial or total. It would be a great achievement because the idea of starting a new season without the fans would be very sad, and also because, for a club like ours, it has meant losses of around €100 million with a negative impact on revenue.”

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