Inter eSports: Levy, road to London


It is an important period for the best FIFA 21-players in the world. In all regions players try to qualify for the eWorld Cup in London. Pedro had his chance last weekend in the South American Playoffs

Pedro battled hard in the South American FIFA Global Series Playoffs

In the South American FIFA Global Series Playoffs Pedro had a flying start. On the first day he was paying in the Swiss Rounds. The first match ended with a 2-1 victory on Fineto. The second round was an exciting battle. Versus Klinger there was a 4-4 draw, so penalty’s had to decide who would win. Pedro managed to secure the win. After that he won with 5-3 against Gabrielpn. And the last one was a 2-1 victory against Phzin.

That first day gave him a lot of confidence to perform well in the knockouts on day 2. The first match was against Klaiver, which gave Pedro another win with 3-1. But in the world of FIFA you sometimes need luck. In the next round he faced up against Valenmzz. After a 3-3 on the scoreboard, the match went to penalties. And this time he lost the close series. In the loser brackets he faced once again against Phzin. This time he lost his match with 2-1, which was the end of his journey. Although it is painful for him that he couldn’t qualify for the big event in London, he can look back to an amazing season with three grand victory’s.

Next up: Levy, road to London

And with that we come to the second part of this report. Next man up is Levy. He will play in the European FIFA Global Series Playoffs. He is ranked 34 in the Xbox-competition and therefore has a good shot to reach the Top 9. This is needed in the European region to reach the Finals in London.

Levy reached this position mostly due to a set of good results in the Qualifiers. His best result was a Top 7 in Qualifier 4. Besides that, he reached Top 25 in Qualifier 3 and Top 33 in Qualifier 1. Therefore he has realistic shot to perform well. The European event starts on July 2nd and will end on July 4th. First up are the Swiss Rounds, followed by the Knockouts on Saturday and Sunday. You can follow all the action via

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