I M Together | Lukaku: "A band of brothers, I'm proud to play here"


The Belgian striker's exclusive interview as featured in the film of the Nerazzurri season

I M TOGETHER: Our Scudetto Season Review, the film of the 2020/2021 season, is released today, premiering on the official Inter YouTube channel and on Inter TV.

A production by Inter Media House, presented with Credit Agricole, which retells the extraordinary year for the Nerazzurri, characterised by historic moments such as the introduction of the new crest.

The following are quotes from Romelu Lukaku, released exclusively for the film of the season: You can find them in the video at the bottom of the article.

Lukaku's feelings after the Europa League final and the start of the 2020/21 season: “After Sevilla was the most difficult moment, I think the most difficult of my career. In the morning three or four days later, however, I woke up and told myself that this year we would win with this team and that I would do everything to win. At the first training session, I saw lots of the players had incredible hunger, and from day one I said to myself: This year we will do it”. These are the exclusive words of Romelu Lukaku that start the story.

The defeat in the first Derby: “We knew that we were the strongest team in that match, we created lots more chances than them, but this battle gave the team the energy to start the journey towards the Scudetto”.

The concept of the team: “Nicolò, Lautaro, Brozovic, and I are all a bit crazy, we need this because it gives us energy. I need Nicolò, every team needs players who are ready for war. This team is different from all the others I have known, we are really a beautiful band of brothers, we all go to war together, when one is suffering there is always another who is there to help his partner. We never give up, we always play to win”.

His understanding with Lautaro: “When I met Lautaro's dad, we talked for ten minutes. I told him that within two years we would win something together. His skills are perfect for me because he is a player who knows how to aim for the defender, he has incredible acceleration, he is always on the move and every time he receives the ball I always have a solution. We know that the team is more important and when one of us is in form one day, we do everything to make it his day. This year we have seen that the partnership has improved a lot and we hope to continue like this and to win even more”.

The speech on his return from Crotone: “You have all done a lot, you have made this team champions and we must continue like this. I am really proud to play with you”.

The day of the Scudetto: "I told my teammates earlier that day that Atalanta would draw against Sassuolo, I don't know why I felt it. I think last year's experience really helped the team, having this mentality of not giving up. I'm really happy for Inter and for all the fans around the world because it's been years since the last trophy and raising this Scudetto is a beautiful feeling”.

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