Inter eSports secures its qualification for the FIFAe Club World Cup


Here is a summary of the excellent results of the Nerazzurri players engaged in various competitions

FIFAe Club World Cup Qualification Secured

Last week Inter eSports had already secured the qualification to the FIFAe Club World Cup with their South American team. With the results of the last few days Luca and Pedro’s only mission was to win Conference 3 in Zone 5. To be honest we could have done even better but the points earned were enough see us finish in first place. With 16 wins and just three losses in four weeks of competition we couldn't be prouder. We are now looking forward to seeing how our players perform over the next rounds.

Pedro gets Top 3 in South American Qualifier 3

Besides success in the FIFAe Club World Cup, Pedro also had his moment of glory during the South American Qualifier 3, which is part of the FIFA 21 Global Series. Pedro ended up in the top 3 of the winner bracket, because he won every match he played in. The final part of Qualifier 3 will be held on February 13th and 14th. We hope he can shine on this big stage and take the next step in his successful FIFA 21-campaign. You can watch this event yourself on the Twitch-page of our partner Electronic Arts on

Great results in Weekend League

During the weekend, our Inter eSport FIFA 21-players compete as usual in the Weekend League. They have to play 30 games to decide their final rankings. Pedro managed to score 29 wins against one loss and ranked in the Top 56. Manoel did the same but ended up in Elite 1. And Levy played on both PlayStation and Xbox. On the PlayStation-platform he scored 29-1 with a ranking in the Top 196. On the Xbox-platform he ended 28-2 and a Top 186 ranking. Well done lads!

Levy ready for eOranje training camp

Last, but certainly not least we look forward to what Levy will do in the upcoming week. From Wednesday 27th till Friday 29th the eOranje training camp will be held, for which he qualified in recent days with three other Dutch pro players: the four will represent the Netherlands in various FIFA 21 competitions. To be selected for eOranje Levy needs to show his skills but will also be judged on his personality, because a FIFA 21 eSporter is more than just his skills.

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