Julio Cesar: “It's an honour to know that I’m a part of Inter history"


The Brazilian goalkeeper visited Inter HQ

MILAN – He won over the fans his saves and passion. Julio Cesar, 300 appearances in an Inter shirt, visited the Club’s headquarters today, revisiting old friends and trophies (14 for him with the Nerazzurri) that he won over his seven years in our goal. The Brazilian shot-stopper, fresh from his induction into the 2020 Hall of Fame, even answered Inter TV’s questions. “It’s a pleasure to be here. They were seven great years. It’s great to see these trophies and know that I’m a part of this story, of the amazing moments I had while wearing this shirt, with this Club. Every time I get the chance to come to Milan and meet the fans, I love to chat about the beautiful moments we went through together. It’s nice to know that I made a mark both on their hearts and on the pitch, and that I was able to show who I am. I was never embarrassed to show my emotions, even in front of the TV cameras and that allowed me to be even closer to them. This was a home for me and my family, and it allowed me to prove myself on an international level. I can only be thankful to this Club.”

On his current affairs: “I’m now working as an agent. After I retired in 2018, that’s was I gravitated towards. I started to study and I think that thanks to my story and with what I’ve experience in the world of football, it’s a great opportunity to be able to help others become professional footballers and reach their dream, which was also my dream.”

Among the best of his generation, Julio Cesar embodied a mix of explosiveness and technique. “In training, I caused problems for a few of my teammates. I remember Burdisso once got angry when I laid one on him. It was fun for me. I started playing football at five years old as an outfield player, then I discovered this passion and I went in goal. I then understood what I wanted for my future. That was a moment of change and they were looking for goalkeepers, who could play with their feet as well. I was able to do that. Football today has changed a lot. You need to be good with your feet even if you’re in goal, because the goalie is now one extra player to put the opposition at a numerical disadvantage.”

On Inter at the moment: “Conte is doing a great job. Unfortunately, we didn’t win the final but we went close and I think that this group will only improve and, day after day, get back that trust to win.”

Finally, a message for the fans: “I’ll always be grateful to all those, who embraced me and showed me affection over the seven years that I was here. They’ll always have a place in my heart.”

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