Training sessions start at home for the the Inter Campus Colombia children

When training begins away from the pitch
When training begins away from the pitch
When training begins away from the pitch

CALI – Whether Venezuelans who have recently arrived or Colombians, it doesn’t matter: making their way to Inter Campus’s training camps in Cali is undoubtedly part of training for the children. The ritual begins at home: they put on Nerazzurri shirts and shorts and often their football boots too. No one wants to turn up unprepared. As they leave the house, they look inside the windows of the neighbours’ houses, trying to catch the eye of friends who are also ready to leave. After just a few minutes, the streets turn Black&Blue. It’s a magical occurrence which takes place every day, but it’s something we’ll never get tired of seeing.

Whether the youngsters travel by foot or by bike, whether they’re accompanied by their parents or not, these small acts which take place prior to training are part of an authentic social environment, something which is perhaps the true essence of sport. Friendships are formed, irrespective of whether the youngsters are on the same or opposing side. One thing is for sure: the children will head back home surrounded in company, something which also provides their parents with reassurance.

This is proof of how Inter Campus and its activities transcend the football pitch, with entire communities becoming involved. It’s not just about the youngsters and their families, it’s also about the streets that lead to the pitch, the shops along the way, the tradesmen and women going about their business. Black&Blue days enjoyed by all, but mostly by the children, who never stop playing.

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