4 - Inter Xmas Advent Calendar: Javier Zanetti


Day 4 is dedicated to a man who made the number 4 magical: Javier Zanetti

"When the referee gave the stoppage time, I looked at Samuel and we started to cry. We were 2-0 up with three minutes to go. Being a tough guy though, Walter told me to calm down."


The beauty of an instant, a release of tension, tears of joy, Javier Zanetti's display of emotion and Walter Samuel's intense gaze. A description of one of the best moments of a Nerazzurri career which lasted for 858 matches, a total of 73,284 minutes. 4 December can only be dedicated to a number 4 who will always be associated with the words ‘fairness’, ‘pride’ and ‘respect’, both when he was a player and now in his current role as Inter’s Vice-President. If we multiply 4 by 4, we get 16, the number of trophies Zanetti lifted from 1995 to 2014. A record-breaker in every sense.

4 - Inter Xmas Advent Calendar: Javier Zanetti

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